metra BC-DSPL-HD2

METRA BC-DSPL-HD2 DSP with Radio reflash Interface


DSP with Radio reflash Interface for FLH & FLT 2014-2021

Built-in Integration and Easy Installation
  • Small footprint for easy installation behind the fairing
  • BC-9715 pre-wired harness included for ease of installation
  • Retains balance and fade control
  • Built-in clipping detection and limiting circuits
  • Bass knob included
  • Water-resistant case & connections
  • Micro-B USB updatable
  • Upgrade Your Music Experience and Customize Your Sound
  6 channels of output from the DSP
  • 15-band graphic EQ, or 5 band parametric EQ per channel
  • 4 selectable crossover slopes (12, 24, 36, or 48db per octave)
  • Built-in selectable crossover per channel (high, low & band) to achieve the perfect sound
  • Independent equalization for front, rear, and subwoofer
  • Time delay circuit per channel (front and rear channels can be delayed independently up to 10ms)
  • All programming is done using the AXXESS DSP XL app on Android devices ONLY
  • Read, write, and store configurations for future recall
  • Optional password protection feature for tuning control via the mobile app