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Cicada Audio was started to develop products SPECIFICALLY for Harley-Davidson and other motorcycles. Even though you’ve probably never heard of Cicada Audio….our president and head engineer has been designing 12V audio for over 30 years. He has 5 design and engineering awards and 2 design patents. He’s developed 1,000’s of products in that time, many gaining “cult” status. He REALLY knows 12-volt audio. He saw that there was a real need for some new thinking and new direction in audio. Specifically “motorcycle audio”. We, at Cicada Audio, don’t do Car audio, we don’t do Marine, we don’t do “Powersport” audio. We ONLY do Motorcycle audio…PERIOD!@!! 


It’s fitting that the FIRST amplifier we deliver will be an ultra-compact aluminum chassis, the DSP125. 4 D amplifier is element-ready, being the ideal choice for Motorcycle installations. It features an incredible power/size ratio and an easy setup thanks to the integrated crossover filter. Our NEW Digital Signal Processor amplifier gives you 4 inputs with 6 outputs. Completely configurable from the palm of your hand. Bluetooth Control GUI (Graphical User Interface). You have complete control over the signal, both in and out. Crossover slopes from 6dB to 48dB. Adjustable Q’s from VERY narrow (Q of 20) to very broad (Q of 0.05). Channels can be grouped for easy tuning and there is input summing and the ability to link channels for easy level setting. Software is VERY user-friendly and easy to tune. Plus, we have added PreSet Audio Curves for the most popular bike years and typical gear used.  These Audio PreSets FIX the weird EQ settings that HD has put into many of their bike audio systems.  Normally you would have to pay an HD motorcycle shop $100 -200 to “Flash” your bike.  NOT with Cicada Audio DSP125.4D amplifier!  These PreSets SOLVES that issue and give you curves that may be totally fine with you and your listening habits.  One-click and DONE!!   Even if that doesn’t happen and you want to adjust it yourself, these curves get you WAY closer to set up easily and QUICKLY.  Our software is downloadable from the Google App Store, Apple App Store, and here. For your motorcycle, this amplifier is the perfect size and power (especially with our 2-ohm Co-Ax Horn speakers) to get you the most output, power, and clarity possible. Everything to make it that it is easier to tune your bike. Quickly. We recommend that you download the software onto your phone and play with it, see what you think. We think you will be happier than hell to finally have an easy solution to a DIY audio system for your HD. Also, look in our accessory section and see all the harnesses available to make life a WHOLE lot easier for you. Plug and play baby!!!  Fitment notes: This amplifier is a great “form factor” as it can sit on top of the radio or under the left/right bike fairing substructure. Plus it has FULL DSP capabilities built-in. More power, more flexibility in a small size package. Easily fits into the fairing of any Harley Bagger 1998 – 2019. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! (where’s a Popeye’s when you need one!) 

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